Social Venture Partners Dallas is a thriving team of skilled professionals that have worked in both the for-profit and nonprofit world. Their passion for their community and desire to facilitate positive change makes Social Venture Partners Dallas one of the best organizations helping the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Tony Fleo, CEO

Tony has been serving SVP Dallas since April 2013. Read More »

Sean Caho, Chief of Staff

Sean joined SVP Dallas in February 2016. Read More »

Danielle King, Program Manager of Capacity Building

Danielle joined SVP Dallas in June 2019. Read More »

Gloria Andrade-Norris, Finance Manager

Gloria has been serving SVP Dallas since February 2021. Read More »

Seth Block, Director of Collective Impact

Seth has been serving SVP Dallas since June 2022. Read More »

Wissem Sinatra, Business Manager

Wissem has been serving SVP Dallas since January 2023. Read More »


Ian Feuer – Chief Governance Officer
Lahari Neelapareddy – Secretary
Ted Herrod – Incoming Chief Governance Officer
Andrew Louder – Ex-Officio, Past CGO
Robert Wright II – Ex-Officio, SVP Dallas Founder
Mary Jalonick – Ex-Officio, SVP Dallas Founder

Members at Large:
Wendy Bateman
Suzanne Massey
David Russell
Aabid Shivji
Harden Wiedemann
Donna Young


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