SVP is both local and global.

On the one and, this is philanthropy rooted in your backyard. Our Partners invest money, time and skills in nonprofits that share their immediate community.

One the other hand, our Partners are part of a 3500+ global network of philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and change-makers. They share common ideals, similar struggles, and can tap into a wealth of experience and knowledge through cross-city forums and SVP’s annual conference .

There are 39 SVP network member organizations from Boston to Bangalore (and new ones crop up every year). The SVP Network Office is the invisible backbone, the hub that links our member organizations and their Partners, allowing them to convene and learn from one another, while fostering new SVPs throughout the world.

In addition to this global network, we are also extremely fortunate to have talented community allies.  Thank you for your generous donations of time and services!

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