What is Social Impact Capacity Building?

At Social Venture Partners Dallas, we define capacity building as the development of core skills, management practices, strategies, and systems to enhance an organization’s effectiveness, sustainability, and ability to fulfill this mission. Our approach is hands-on and interactive with our chosen social impact organization Advisees.

Social Venture Partners Approach to Capacity Building:

Offer Resources

SVP Dallas builds organizational capacity by providing pro bono consulting and leadership development/management training opportunities through our Advisee projects. Upon being selected as an SVP Dallas Advisee, organizations work with our Partners on projects in areas of focus like:

  • Mission, Strategy, and Evaluation
  • Leadership: Board, Staff and Volunteers
  • Legal Compliance and Ethics
  • Finance and Operations
  • Resource Development and Marketing
  • Public Awareness, Engagement, and Advocacy


We recognize that nonprofit practitioners are the program experts, and we aim to complement that expertise by working in partnership with those organizations we select through our Advisee program. Therefore, the first step is listening.

Develop a Plan and Implement It

After an assessment of organizational health, Advisees develop an Annual Work Plan to define their goals and provide a roadmap for their partnership with SVP Dallas.  From there, SVP Dallas matches each Advisee with volunteer consultants who can help them reach those goals.

Once chosen as an SVP Dallas Advisee, a Lead Partner and project team of SVP Dallas Partners will work with the organization to define their project goals and provide a roadmap for their partnership with SVP Dallas. From there, the group works together to help the organization reach the project goals

Report Capacity Building Changes

When the social impact organization graduates from our Advisee program, we ask them to complete the assessment once again – measuring progress in each of the six capacity building areas.

After the successful completion of a capacity building project, Advisees are eligible for the next three years to apply for unrestricted grants. If awarded a grant, the Advisees become Investees.

Advisees, Investees, and Emeritus Advisees are all considered part of the SVP Dallas Portfolio for the lifetime of the organization.