Partner Q+A: Elaine Bernstein


I am an almost retired attorney. Law is a third career.  My undergraduate degree is in Microbiology. I worked in both clinical and research labs in Philadelphia Pa., then went on to become a high school science teacher while living in Buffalo NY. I then found myself in Dayton Ohio. While my daughter was in high school I went to law school at the University of Dayton School of Law. After graduation I clerked for a federal judge and then started my own firm. I concentrated on representing employees and companies in all aspects of labor, employment and civil rights matters.

I was an adjunct professor at the law school for five years. During all this time I was involved in the non-profit world. I served on many community boards during the 35 years I lived in Dayton Ohio. I moved to Dallas 5 years ago after my divorce. I have one daughter and two wonderful grandchildren living here in Dallas.



Q:  Why did you join SVP Dallas? 

Elaine:  I joined SVP Dallas shortly after moving to Dallas because Sari Raskin, former engagement coordinator, asked me if I wanted something to do. I went to a First Friday lunch and sat next to Margery Miller and the rest is history.


Q:  What do you like best about being involved with SVP Dallas?

Elaine:  What I like best about being involved with SVP Dallas is that you get to see first hand where your dollars go and the results of your work.


Q:  What would you say to those considering becoming a Partner?

Elaine:  I would tell those considering becoming a partner that if you want to get in the trenches with a good cause and see it go from good to great SVP Dallas is the place to be.

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