Your company is made up of employees who want to change the world. You can help them do it.

As a turn-key solution to your Corporate Social Responsibility needs, SVP Dallas will:

  • Increase your corporate visibility and exposure as a community citizen.
  • Build your company’s connection with other professionals and businesses.
  • Provide employees with professional development opportunities in leadership, project management, program evaluation, and more.
  • Promote retention by engaging your employees on challenging and rewarding projects that develop skills that can be applied in the workplace.

*Read more about what research shows in this article by the National Institutes of Health.

How We Do It – 

SVP Dallas provides your employees the opportunity to:

  • Engage with the nonprofit community by leveraging their leadership and talent to address the challenges in nonprofit organizations.
  • Develop their professional skills and increase their knowledge of the nonprofit sector.
  • Find their long-term niche as a donor, in board governance, development, strategic planning, volunteering, marketing, and more.

Social Venture Partners Dallas offers a collaborative social investment opportunity to companies that seek to deepen company values and culture through meaningful and relevant contributions of time and talent.  Thanks to our track-record in the sector and our portfolio of investments, SVP Dallas can tailor your company’s community impact experience to align with your strategic goals and areas of interest. SVP Dallas has the expertise to manage skills-based volunteer projects that ensures maximum benefits for the volunteer cohort and the investee agency. SVP Dallas supplements the collaboration with well-established education programs that equip your colleagues and provide your company with a powerful return on investment.

For more information, email Tony Fleo at or call (214) 855-5520.

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