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Within the United States, equity and justice are inherently political.

The Statue of Freedom sits atop the U.S. Capitol Building. “Equal Justice Under Law” is inscribed above the entrance to the U.S. Supreme Court Building. Underneath these reminders of liberty, justice, equality, and our highest ideals, our elected leaders and appointed officials shape laws with personal consequences to each of us.

Through their legislation and interpretation, these bodies might effect a greater justice, or injustice, in a day than millions of individuals and thousands of organizations might effect over years. But they are not outside our collective power; they are bound and driven by the power of the people.

Together, our voices and actions will steer the course of our communities. We will maneuver either toward greater equity or greater injustice for ourselves and our neighbors. Regardless of viewpoint or aisle-side, there are issues before the people with high potential to shift our national direction in the near future, for example: voter rights, redistricting, and voter suppression; judge and other official appointments; and differences in voter turnout among specific communities.

In The People Respond, we will explore some of the political issues most pressing for our communities, understand their histories and potential, and outline how people and organizations might powerfully collaborate to shape them.

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  • Tony Fleo, CEO, Social Venture Partners Dallas

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