SVP Dallas Workshop: Engaging the Media During COVID-19

Start time 2024-07-21 03:55
Finished Time 2024-07-21 03:55

In this SVP Dallas Workshop, we will learn how social impact organizations can effectively work with the media, from leaders and experts in the field of Public Relations and Marketing.

As the COVID-19 pandemic accelerates the move to online communications, we know all media channels are still alive but there is an increase in noise. SVP invites you to use this time to re-think and re-tool how we reach each other, share powerful stories, and engage the public during this pandemic. We will explore methods of how you can increase the impact of your organization by amplifying your message through the media and also challenge media organizations to help restore and build public trust.

Media engagement is about building an effective strategy to reach your stakeholders through traditional and digital media. Whether it is pushing out a press release, inviting a social media influencer to speak out on an issue, or preparing for a television interview, this workshop will help you to think through the options, opportunities, and challenges of using media to increase your organization’s reach and effectiveness.

Join us for a conversation on how social impact organizations can benefit from intentional and strategic engagement with the media.

Featured Speakers:

  • Crayton Webb, Owner, and CEO at Sunwest Communications
  • Dianne Solis, Staff Writer at The Dallas Morning News
  • Shawn Williams, Vice-President at Allyn Media
  • Mike Wilson, Editor at The Dallas Morning News
  • Alexandra Yap, SVP Dana Juett Residency Alumna, Brand PR, and Brand Management at The Richards Group

Moderated by:

  • Prisma Garcia, Director of Capacity Building at SVP Dallas

Special thanks to our sponsors, Something Good Consulting Group and Wright Connatser PLLC, for their support of social impact and corporate social responsibility in North Texas.

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