Sharing the Common Pool || Charles R. Porter, PhD at SILS ’17

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Charles R. Porter, Real Estate, Water Rights, & Construction Expert, will headline the fourth installment of our 2017 Social Innovation Luncheon Series with his talk Sharing the Common Pool, Water Rights in the Everyday Lives of Texans

Charles Porter is an assistant professor of history at St. Edward’s University in Austin. He has a Doctor of Philosophy in Economics and Business and is a licensed real estate agent and broker. He has been a presenter and panel moderator for the Texas legislature, at the Texas Groundwater Summit, and at a joint conference of the Texas Rural Water Association and Texas Water Conservation Association.

Charles Porter will be talking about who the key players are in Texas water policy and how water ownership and management impacts land values, property taxes, and in turn social issues.  As described in the synopsis of his most recent book, If all the people, municipalities, agencies, businesses, power plants, and other entities that think they have a right to the water in Texas actually tried to exercise those rights, there would not be enough water to satisfy all claims, no matter how legitimate. Expert Charles Porter explains in the simplest possible terms who has rights to the water in Texas, who determines who has those rights, and who benefits or suffers because of it.

Join us on August 30th to hear about how water rights impact our daily lives.


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August 30, 2017
11:30am – 1:00pm

Magnolia Hotel Dallas Park Cities
6070 N Central Expressway
Dallas, TX 75206


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