bigBANG! 2024

Start time 2024-10-23 09:00
Finished Time 2024-10-25 17:00
Address Dallas, TX

Save the Date for bigBANG! 2024

October 23-25 | Registration Opens July 15

The bigBANG! Social Impact Conference is an immersive experience with three days of powerful speakers, gripping breakout sessions, and inspiring company focused on driving solutions and equitable outcomes in Dallas and across the State.

This year at bigBANG!, we will examine the concept of humanity, human agency, and our shared inner connectedness in an ever-growing digital world.

Through mainstage speakers and collaborative breakout sessions, we will focus on how individuals and communities maintain their role as stewards of the social fabric that connects us all. As artificial intelligence and augmented reality become the norm, we are free to explore what is essential about humanness that can never be replaced.

In a world where the lines between human and machine, between physical and virtual spaces are being blurred, the question of what it means to be human is no longer a radical concept found only in science fiction.

The future is now. How do we respond?

We invite you to join our Sponsors in making Dallas’ premier social impact conference possible. Being a Sponsor secures your Upstander tickets before registration even opens, and puts your organization front and center with Dallas’ most engaged changemakers.

Contact to become an Upstander today.

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