bigBANG! 2020 Equity in Action: The Next 100 Years!

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Equity in Action: The Next 100 Years!, the theme of bigBANG! 2020, will explore topics critical to racial, gender, and economic equity in our communities. The evidence of long-standing discrimination in our nation is clear. Disparities in income, wealth, community infrastructure, educational outcomes, health and incarceration rates all point to systems that better serve some groups and exclude others, particularly people of color and women.

In the first half of 2020, the largest civil rights action since the 1960s began against the backdrop of a global pandemic that disproportionately affects communities of color. And in the same year, the U.S.A marks the centennial of the Nineteenth Amendment and 100 years of women’s suffrage. bigBANG! 2020 is a rally point for our community, an opportunity to mark the progress that has been made and renew our commitment to the arduous struggle toward equity and justice for all under our nation’s laws.

Building systems that are equitable and just for women and people of color expands prosperity for everyone. The opportunities for human-centered design, innovation, and impact that will take us there are unprecedented. But even as there are growing reasons to hope, we must commit to reform through principles, policies, and practices that liberate rather than repress. bigBANG! 2020 will lift up rightful disruption and its methods to dismantle injustice and intentionally build systems that provide equal opportunity for all people to participate with dignity in the economic life of our society.

Thank You bigBANG! 2020 Sponsors

United Way of Metropolitan Dallas
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
City of Dallas

Texas Women’s Foundation

The Dallas Foundation

The Texas Tribune
KXT 91.7

Bank of America

Katherine Glaze Lyle in honor of Dallas Bethlehem Center

IF/THEN, an initiative of Lyda Hill Philanthropies
Celanese Corporation
Dodee Frost Crockett, Merrill Lynch
The Kleinert Foundation
Mary Kay Inc.

Gwen Echols
Wright Connatser PLLC
Marcia Simpson, Keith Gruenberg and Connor Simpson
Summit Financial Group, Inc.
Diane & Dick Evans

Jennifer Owen
Sara and Gary Ahr
Robert and Linda Appel
Jackson Walker LLP
Pete Hyndman
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas
Eugene McDermott Scholars Program Alumni Association

Something Good Consulting Group
Devinne Kelly/ FEG Investment Advisors
Philanthropy Southwest
Anne & Terry Conner
Sherri and Jim Wolfe
Steve Dennis (SageBerry Consulting)
Giles Davidson & Dan Waldmann
Sarah Losinger
Susan & Steve Hoff
Dallas Capital Bank
LN Accounting Advisor, LLC

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