DJR Alumnus Greg Forte Wins Company Grant for Capstone Org Groundwork DFW

DJR Alumnus Greg Forte Wins Company Grant for Capstone Org Groundwork DFW

The transformational relationships at the center of the Dana Juett Residency have far-reaching effects. Some of those relationships include the lifelong connections that Resident build with their Capstone project host organizations. Greg Forte, a member of the most recent class of Residents, was assigned to the Groundwork DFW project as part of a team that would help them figure out how best to expand their operations. Greg’s employer, Parker Hannifin, offers the opportunity for employees to nominate recipients for grants from the Parker Hannifin Foundation.

“When this opportunity to nominate community organizations for grants from my employer came up, I knew I wanted to nominate Groundwork DFW,” said Greg. “Working with them as part of the DJR program has given me the opportunity to see a different way for how individuals and organizations can have an impact, and I know Groundwork DFW’s mission is one that will have far-reaching effects in our community.”

Greg nominated Groundwork DFW, and the Parker Hannifin Foundation selected them for a small grant in recognition of their work to meet Community Needs, one of the Foundation’s giving priorities. Groundwork DFW uses tactics from political organizing to make social impact in local communities, such as using door knocking to enroll children in free preschool in their neighborhood. Now, thanks to Greg’s advocacy, Groundwork DFW has a relationship with a major national corporate foundation, no small feat for a young, locally-focused nonprofit.

But even more so, Groundwork DFW now has tight relationships with an entire team of advocates and supporters in the Dana Juett Residents who worked on the Groundwork DFW project. CEO Marie Appel shares: “Working with the Dana Juett Residents has been incredibly fruitful for Groundwork DFW.  Even beyond the projects that we worked on together, the conversation and questions that ensued helped push our work further. As a new non-profit, I know having these young leaders on our team has accelerated our learning curve significantly.”

The Dana Juett Residency prepares young leaders in venture philanthropy, using monthly sessions and hands-on pro-bono consulting projects to help early-career professionals build the skills to leverage their collective influence for social impact in our community. If you’d like to support this transformative program, please reach out to Applications for the 2024-2025 cohort are currently open at